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Thanksgiving Art

So I figured for Thanksgiving I would check out some art that is inspired by the holidays.  I really wanted to find some interesting art and I was able to find a couple great works of artist that worked their creativity with not just your usual medium but as well as food.

This particular piece really caught my eye mainly because the turkey is made out of sweet potato pinnaple casserole topped with marshmallows and pecans.


A lot of these pieces I thought were really interesting and inspired a lot of creativity especially around the holidays.  I always been a fan of food art, mainly because of the strange and crazy contraptions people come up.  When I decided to check out if there was any unique Thanksgiving art that some artists were constructing I did not expect to find food art made out of yams, potatoes and other food items.

         I found most of these food art works on a site called 14 Great Examples of Thanksgiving Food Art and I gotta say they are great examples of creativity around the holidays.  It’s almost a shame to have to eat the food because they look so realistic and awesome.  But at the same time delicious so its hard not to.  This was some great food art that is perfect for the holidays and Im sure there is more food artists out there just working up some different creations with food for the holidays.


Street Art

So I checked out some more street art and found a couple of artists that had some very unique and realistic art thrown up around different countries.  I found some work by an artist in the Ukraine off of this website unurth street art and his name is Kislow.  The site also had work by an artist in China by the name of Jana +JS and an artist from Australia by the name of ROA.  There work is very realistic and the work by ROA is huge and very detailed.




Jana + JS











A lot of the street artist’s I found on this site are from all over the world from Italy to Amsterdam to China to Australia.  The work is so unique and detailed its no wonder it is not removed by the state.  A lot of street art is mainly expressed by the artist’s personality or what he or she is inspired by.  Whether they are trying to make a political statement or spread their work around the world it is always something incredible to look at.  A lot of the work is done on the backside of buildings or more isolated settings to avoid attention.  But when the morning rolls around the public is the first to view these master pieces.




















There really is no real specifications of street art.  It is mainly the artist expressing themselves and there work to the public.  Although most of the work may be unknown of who the artists is to protect there identity.  It is still amazing to view some of the work they are able to develop.  There is such a wide variety of street art that it is almost endless like there is new work and different styles being painted and drawn on the sides of buildings and walls everyday.  Street art is by far some my favorite art work to view because of the way each artists expresses their own individual talent and work.

Trenzza Design Studio

                 So this was a really cool design company that I just stumbled about while looking at some other graphic design agency’s and major clothing lines.  What Trenzza Design Studio  is all about is they are an apparel graphic design company that provides their clients with innovated prints and unique pattern designs that keep up with the consumer trend in today’s society.  They are known in the industry from their unique apparel designs and textile designs with specialties with all gender and age clothing styles.









Men’s T-shirts


              Trenzza has a very wide variety of expertise in the clothing business.  They are a leading textile design and fashion merchandising source that provides a wide variety of design and creativity to its clients.  For their clients they offer Apparel graphic design, Placement prints and all over prints, CAD illustration/minibodies, Woven/yarn dye design, Embroidery design, Customized trend research, Creation of digital trend and color boards, Freelance CAD design, FTP folder (provided online service for clients), and finally a DVD or CD which contains purchased work.








Women’s Shirts



         There’s a lot of work that they fulfill for their clients that may seem confusing or difficult to understand such as how they print the shirts or work with textile.  However most of their major retailers such as Dillard’s Inc., JcPenny, Sears, Goody’s, Cabela’s, Savanne, and Walmart as well as small surf and skate companies can conquer that their efforts and work proceed there expectations.








              Trenzza’s websight contains a lot of solid information that one may be interested in researching.  You may even contact them if you have any questions or idea’s you wish to share with them.  They also give descriptions on how they develop their work for their clients.  On there websight they say,

“Today’s t-shirts aren’t just taking a simple graphic and placing it on an apparel piece, there is a lot of thought and research in picking the correct artwork, the perfect color scheme and the trendy techniques to keep up with the current trends in the market today.” which I completely agree with, because  I prefer a very unique, almost like there is nothing that compare to it, type of T-shirt which is what this company does for their clients.

               What I find the most interesting with this design studio is the popularity they have with most of the popular retailer stores across the country and how they are known all over the word.  I find their clothing designs very unique and awesome because it is clothing designs that I enjoy observing and creating.  The style that goes into the work is somewhat abstract and urban which may be different from other t-shirt designs.  It would be great to have a work experience with this studio and see what it is like working in New York at a famous design studio.


Who Is Banksy


    Some of you may have heard of Banksy from his unique street art or maybe from his movie that discusses street art and street artists, known as “Exit Through the Gift Shop”.  The thing about Banksy however is that his identity is so immensely concealed that there is hardly any if not no images of him and the only thing that defines himself as an artist is his street art.  With his unique stencilled graffiti he is able to accomplish work faster than your typical tagging.  In other words after his work is displayed on the sides of buildings, walls, etc it sends a unique politic/ meaningful message to the public.







According to Brian Sewell, Art Directory, Banksy was born in Bristol, UK around 1974.  Spreading his work around London after leaving Bristol he made his way to Los Angeles for his first US Exhibition in 2002.  Even though he keeps his identity concealed Banksy still manages to successfully sell his work, perform jobs for clients, and hanging his work at locations such as London’s Tate Modern, the New York Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, and the American Museum of Natural History. 

        Banksy has released several novels, including his documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop” which takes viewers on a tour through the performing work of street artists.  The movie also includes Shepard Fairey who demonstrates how he is able to display his work throughout city’s and getting away clean with it.  Some of the work viewed in the movie is just amazing, the time and effort these artists put into their work on display in order to send their message is just motivating. 


           Overall Banksy is by far one of my favorite inspirational graffiti artists.  His work is completely different from the traditional tagging and is very settle in color but portrays an interesting meaning.  His use of stencils gives his work a cleaner more accomplished finishing and each one is more transverse then the last.  Even though most of his street art is thrown up around London, his work has been popping up in the streets of LA and other major cities.






        With his use of mainly white and black paint to demonstrate composition and texture which gives his work that graphics look to it, is what I find to be the most interesting to me.  To be able to see one of his works thrown up on a wall or building is none the less than awesome.  I am so pumped to see some of his upcoming work and maybe will get to view some in a museum.