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Gothic Cathedral in France

Sooo I checked out a video by David Macaulay in which he discusses the Cathedrals’s located throughout France.  Using his award-winning Novel as an outline, he takes you through a tour of the most notable churches and discusses how they were constructed and built during that time period.  The video I watched discussed one of the Gothic Cathedral’s located in France which still remains to this day and is used for its original purpose, a place for worship and prayer.

The Chartres, Cathedral of France

Gothic Medieval Cathedral (Normandy, France)

Notre Dame, de Paris

          The word Cathedral comes from the Latin word “the throne of the bishop”,  most of them consisted of vaulted ceilings which in other words would arch upward rather them remain flat like buildings and churches around that time period.   The foundation goes 25 ft below the ground to give the Cathedral its support, and the walls needed to be thicker the higher the vaulted ceilings would go.  Due to the fact that the walls, ceilings, columns, and almost everything else was made out of stone,  economy and design was essential to move these blocks because it’s not like they had car’s back then they required other means of transportation such as oxen’s.

        I really enjoyed reading and watching David Macaulay’s video on the Cathedral’s in France because video gave me a great insight on the compassion and effort that went into building the Cathedral.  For someone to be able to stand next to or view the magnificent features within the Cathedral are more than incredible.  From the massive stone structures, sculptures to the hundreds of stain glass windows would be an incredible site for anybody to experience.




         Hirshhorn Museum

   This past saturday I got to visit the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington D.C with my Sophomore Seminar class and we were assigned an assignment in which we would check out all the art on display such as the different color forms, the Andy Warhol headlines, and the sculpture garden.  The assignment was to choose an artists work that was on display that we would like to write about. 


Fountain (center of museum)  


Inside Sculpture Garden (back of museum)

          After checking out the four floors of incredible art work including Andy Warhol’s Shadow paintings, I found this wild abstract painting by an artist named Daniel Vladimir Baranoff-Rossine.  Yea that’s a mouth full but his painting was the first art work that drew my attention when I walked into that section of the second floor.  The painting was titled Capriccio Musicale (Circus) dated 1913.  If there wasnt the captioned titled Circus I would be clueless as to what Capriccio Musicale ment.  Even though when you look at the painting it kind of gives you the impression of a circus.  The painting was done with oil and graphite on canvas. 

Capriccio Musicale (Circus)

           What I love most about this painting is the fact that it has almost every color known to man.  The smooth transitions from one color to the next is just so expressive and unique.  Theres not many dark areas either so the whole painting stands out rather than drawing the viewer’s attention to one specific area.  You really have to look at the painting for a couple of seconds or minutes so that you can see the acrobats flipping through the air.   If you look really close you can see the whole shape of their bodies and in which direction they are flipping.  Everything blends and flows so well it’s almost like its flowing outwards almost off of the canvas like it is continuing.


                                                                                                           The Rhythem                                                                                                                        



 Still life with chair 



Nude Dancers


          Recently I have been doing some abstract work and when I was able to see Daniel Rossine’s work I was amazed with the strong use of color because I enjoy putting a ton of different color into my work.  His abstrack paintings are so smooth the transitions from one color to the next really makes the painting blend and work really well with the subject matter.  During his uprising as an abstract artists Daniel Rossine was sometimes close friends with some of the greatest artists of his time including Chagall, El Lissitsky, Kandinsky, Larionov, Gontcharova, Malevitch, Pevsner, Arp, Robert and Sonia Delaunay.  He was often known for his avant-garde abstract, ribbon-shaped painting and polychrome sculpture. 

       I really enjoyed my visit to the Hirshhorn Museum and learned and viewed different artist’s work that by far blew my mind.  From the crazy sculptures that were constructed to the color works gallery was just a awesome new experience.  Learning about Rossine’s work and his abstract art was very cool and getting to research a little bit about his work.  I was amazed of how large his paintings were.  If I had a couple hundren thousand dollars I would buy one of his paintings because they are so unique and overflowing with color.  Great time at the Museum and will for sure be going back to see the work again and the new exhibits they will have on display.


Self Portrait

Daniel Vladimir Barinoff Rossine (1888-1944)

Mark Amerika

             So last week on Thursday internationally renowned remix artist Mark Amerika visited our campus to have a talk with some of the faculty and students about his piece CODEWORK that was on display in our electronic gallery.  For my sophomore seminar and new media class I was assigned to go visit the gallery and answer a few question’s on our reactions of the gallery.  On Thursday Mark would arrive at the campus to give his talk about remixed art, his work, and how to be an internet artist, etc.


Images from CODEWORK



Artist Mark Amerika in The Electronic Gallery at Salisbury University. / MATTHEW S. GUNBY/THE DAILY TIMES MATTHEW S. GUNBY

     After viewing his piece “CODEWORK”, it was electronic work that I have never experienced before.  CODEWORK was unique and very abstract in a kind of universal way in which you almost had to watch it repeatedly to get the full experience.  CODEWORK demonstrated sound, dialogue, and images all in one dark room.  The walls were painted black,  there was surround sound speakers,  and quick time colorful abstract pictures including a mysterious female voice in the background.  The sound effects were timed perfectly with the images that were playing on the screen  and flowed from one speaker to another, almost like it circled around you.  The dialogue is what made you really have to think.  Mostly to understand it and what it meant and why it may have been said.  The images were very colorful and abstract and like nothing I have ever seen before.

              After viewing the show I felt as if I was in another dimension, almost like I was cut off from the world and in another universe.  I really liked how the sound effects flowed well with the images and cycled around the speakers liked you were closed in, in a trance like universe.  I really enjoyed Marks piece and would like to view more  of his work possibly on his website or even his site Grammatron to get a better understanding of his knowledge of being an internet artist.  I really enjoyed his visit and talk this past week and gained an understanding of his piece CODEWORK and was able to have a very interesting conversation with him and insights on his work.












Mark Amerika

Remixed Music

           Ofcourse everyone listens to some sort of remixed music or alterned new form of media that people around the world are doing by creating there own art by using other sources.  Artists are becoming internet sensations by either remixing music or film to create a new and unique form of the original.  With all of the programs such as premier pro and sound booth for adobe, students and other artists can create there own remix of original work.




             I have really been into the mashup music which is basically when a musician takes a bunch of random songs and mashes them together into one track and adjusts them to his particular liking.  In other words it would be like taking five of your favorite songs and playing the melody or beats of one song and the lyrics with the other and at certain times in the trackand then  incorporating the other songs so they flow perfectly together.

           Recently I have been bumping to Super Mash Bros which have become a huge internet sensation and have been touring around the world playing there mashups.  After releasing two albums already they are preparing to release a third album this spring.  Basically Super Mash Bros is a musical project involving Nick Fenmore and Dick Fink, taking hits from the 90’s and combining them with todays top rap, hip hop, and rock songs to give you a new genre of funkability.  I also enjoy listening to Girl Talk which is another mashup group who have also just released a new album called “All Day”.  By far these are my two favorite mash up groups and are basically one way in which to remix music and culture to form a new party style music genre. 

                I love listening to Super Mash Bros mainly because I love all the music that they mash together and how well they all flow together.  The ending of each track is what I think is the best because its almost like the grand finale of that track and then next thing you another mashup track plays right after the first one ends.  Im so pumped for there next album and will defenatly be checking for updates on there website.  If you are interested in learning or downloading music from Super Mash Bros check out there website at