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Alittle bit of Inspiration

      So one my favorit singer, song writer, and artists is Brandon Boyd lead singer of  the rock band Incubus.  Not only do I love his music along with everybody else in the world but I also really like his style of painting and some of the crazy things he comes up with in his work.  I’ve been listening to Incubus for as long as I can remember,  and never really checked into his art work till a couple years ago when he did his paintings for his Ectoplasm Exhibition.   His unique style and the subject matter in all of his paintings is really awsome.  If you have not seen his work but you love his music, go online an check out his paintings right now.



















All three of the images above are part of his Ectoplasm Exhibition that took place at the Mr. Musichead Rock Art Gallery back in 2008.










So what I like most about his work that was in the Ectoplasm  expedition was his very unique choice of color and all of the line work that goes into each piece.  I really like the abstract look from all of the lines once they are brought together in the end.  I can relate some of my work to his paintings because I like drawing/painting my work with alot of color and line to give it that really cool graphic look. 

         All of his work including his music inspires me to create some unique artwork that I enjoy making.  His artwork is not only interesting and fun to look at but it motivates me and probably all artists to go do some awsome work of there own.  Brandon Boyd you rock dude, can’t wait to see some more work of yours on your websight.


Zephyr Graffiti

For the past couple years I have been drawing and painting urban and stylistic graffiti.  One of my inspirations when it comes to drawing graffiti is one of the graffiti elders, Andrew Witten also known by his name  Zephyr.  Zephyr began doing work on the side of subway trains in 1977.  Zephyr began painting his graffiti in NYC on the side of walls, freight trains, and subways.  He was part of the first wave of graffiti artists, which consisted of the transition to galleries, collectors and commercial work.  His work can also be viewed in the hip-hop documentaries Style Wars and he is featured as himself in the motion picture Wild Style.

What I like the most about his work is his strong use of color and strength in the size of the lettering which really makes his work stand out.  His use of layers such as the background coloring and the outlining is what really makes his name stand out.  The fact that he has been designing and influencing graffiti ever since the late 1970’s has inspired me to progress my graffiti as well.









A lot of graffiti started being developed and recognized on the side of box cars and freight trains.  According to Zephyr they knew when, where and how much paint they were going to use before they even began painting.  His name comes from the Greek word Ζεφυρός,  which means West wind.  Along with Witten other graffiti elders include Futura 2000, Blade, PHASE 2, Lady Pink and Taki 183 who invented styles and techniques that are still used to this day.







Brief History

           The word graffiti simply means words scratched written or painted on a wall.   The word originates from the Greek word “graphein” which means to write and it is also plural for the Italian word “graffito”.   Graffiti can also be viewed on the inside of caves which indicates that it has been around since the beginning of time or just a very long time.  Although cavemen did not have spray paint of course so they most likely used charcoal, plants, and other found resources.   The goal of graffiti is simply for an artist to get their name out into the world, spread their mark in different locations, and advertise their work to get them selves known. 

Work of my Own





Auguste Rodin

            Soooo for my history class our first research paper is to choose a famous artist from a list that my professor has provided for us.  I decided to do my research paper on Auguste Rodin who turned out to be one awesome sculptor possibly the best in history.  I occasionally make sculptures out of various materials such as clay, wood and plaster.  So I decided to pick Auguste Rodin for my paper because of his famous impressionist sculptures that I find amazing.  Any who I’m going to give my little speech on what I’ve learned about Mr. Rodin and throw in some of his work and hope you guys think it  is awesome.

            Auguste Rodin is considered the founder of impressionist style in the art of sculpture.  He was born in Paris on November 12, 1840 and found an interest for sculpting when he was around 18 or maybe a little older.  His work consisted of sculpture, illustration, graphic arts, and painting.


                      Auguste Rodin working on Father                                                                                 Title:  Kiss

Eymards bust, 1863.


                                                                             Title: The Thinker

                        Title:  Burghers of Calais



         In the 1900 Auguste Rodin had acheived the peak of his success in which European nobility paid and an entire pavilion was devoted to his work which consisted of 168 marble, bronze and plaster sculptures including drawings and photos of his work.  On November 17, 1917 Rodin past away after living the remander of his days in the Hotel Biron outside of Paris.  He was laid to rest at the Meudon next to his wife Rose wheir several friends and dignataries came and the sculpture of The Thinker was put at the base of his tomb.

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